A little snow blessing

Well, snow. There's quite a bit of it outside which reminds me of all those Colorado high mountain winters. Snow so deep that you wade through it. Snow so deep that skiers go bonkers when they can't get out in it. Snow so deep that kids can make so many forts that they form villages. That's how much snow we have this year. The most snow in over 100 years. Epic snow. Winter has yet to release us from its grip so instead of bemoaning it, cursing it, hating it we're thoroughly enjoying the absolute best winter of our children's lives. This snow will be talked about for years to come and delicately burn a significant memory in their brains. We just like so many others in the DC area have been home bound. I can't tell you how fantastic this is for us. We love snow and all the sports you can do in it. This snow storm has made our home a snow vacation spot, the best one ever. We wake up well rested from snuggling in our own comfy beds wander to the kitchen and bulk up on fresh made waffles or pancakes. With full bellies we gear up and head outside. There are miles of snowy hills to explore and our skis are ready to go. Seeing our neighborhood on skis is such a different experience. That same 'ol sidewalk we travel on bikes along becomes a new trail of fun. It has been great to get out to enjoy this winter and still be close to home. We have been spending several weekends away skiing in WV, the closest place to DC where winter still exists. But now, now we can be home and take it all in. Being able to let our day flow between household chores and outdoor fun we have been experiencing a lovely winter family vacation.

Vacation is not a word many would synonymize with this winter. I know that many of my DC area pals are becoming restless and irritated with this cold snow, and after reading this they are starting to wonder if I have begun to lose my mind, but this snow is a blessing. It's a blessing to families who have lost connection between themselves. My hope is that for once the people of the DC are were able to pause, relax and realize that they won't combust if email isn't answered instantly. That they found the simple delight of watching snow fall as it beautifully coated the ground. That they learned how significant a hug, snuggle, kiss or touch brought them closer to their loved ones. That they learned how much their children loved being home with them talking and not rushing around. That they learned how a simple bowl of soup, slice of bread and familiar faces around a supper table can fulfill them more than any job title. That the silence of home is the blessing we often neglect to be thankful for every day.

While others will be feeling trapped and bored with being at home I am taking advantage of not going anywhere, of not being someplace of not having to do something. I am home surrounded by my family and perfectly happy seeing their faces feeling their love and enjoying them to pieces. My children are only small for a tiny, tiny bit of time all of which I want to gobble up. The slow pace of a snowbound winter has made for a very happy F'Laker family.


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