Nifty Ideas: More stuff for the wee ones

Another round of fantastic nifty ideas I have discovered. You too may become inspired by these nifty things and in turn create your own. If you have any of your own nifty ideas please share them with me I'd love to learn about what is nifty to you!

As a parent you never know what wonderful and funny things your child will say. I have been such a fond supporter of writing those statements down that I think this book would be great for parents with children. My Quotable Kid is a great gift idea for new parents. This would have been a great item for me when the girls were small. For years I have been using a nicely bound leather journal to record their statements. Whether you use this book or a little notebook you'll be glad you recorded those little quotes, wonderful reminders of when they were small.

Baby bottles are something all babies will need. I nursed my girls for a very long time but there were days when Mama needed to be away and a bottle had to be used. The current concern everyone has is the plastic bottle leaching. Since then people have been opting for glass bottles which are great but not the best thing to take along on an outing. Pura Kiki bottles are stainless steel bottles which are a great alternative to glass bottles. They look similar to those stainless steel water bottles everyone seems to have in hand. These bottles are great because they are made to fit most nipple styles which means you can keep using what you have and the bottle can be fitted with a sports bottle top for when your child has grown out of the need for a nipple. I think I love that part, being able to keep using the bottle as they grow. Very excellent.


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