Three year files

When Monday rolls around sometimes getting that to-do list out is hard. There are millions of those "I need to do this" on my list but today I needed to face the "oh, yeah, that" to-dos. You see there are many things we must do every week to keep our families going and there will never be an end to the need for clean underwear. Unfortunately I've gotten quite good at pushing some of my should dos on down the list. And now, well, they are just about staring me in the face getting in the way of those weekly chores. The one I've put off the most has been our office/den/whatever. You know, that place where you pay the bills? Yeah that one. For starters paying the bills is never what I look forward to doing but every week I check in on all our stuff just to make sure my brain didn't neglect something. As that is no fun neither is keeping the office tidy. I fully expect some level of mess and disorder, it is what it is in there. The issue is that I've had this box of stuff from my job, the one I left almost 3 years ago, that needs to be dealt with. THREE YEARS AGO! Yes people, I have for nearly three years hidden, masked, avoided, a box of crap I took home from a job. The bonus? I found some office supplies I knew I had bought for my desk, so yay.

Today I went through that stupid box and tossed out half of it which should have been done the week after I took it home. The hard part was going through my files (thankfully my type a personality organization traits paid off) to decide which crap was really important. There are some things that pertained to my career and such items were retained. The rest was chucked to the recycling to become paper once again. The second part of this no fun task was to go through our old filing cabinet to make room for some of my old job stuff. I have no idea why I kept so much stupid junk but I did, ahem, we did. I tossed more stuff and felt good. There was no need to keep manuals to things we broke years ago nor the receipts to bikes that were stolen years ago. All a bunch of wasted space and paper. Nonsense filled that cabinet and now it's clear for more to be shoved in there to be forgotten until I do this another time.

I'm not quite done with the office. There is an entire cabinet of wires, cables, game boxes, and other computer junk in the cabinet under the computer. We've been wanting to clear out that cabinet so we could use it to store our printer paper and photo boxes. For as much as I'd like to junk it all there's this guy who tells me he needs some of that stuff for something or other. Somehow I think that none of those things are going to have any further purpose in this house but, hey it's mostly his junk so I'll let him untangle all that mess. I am aware of another box hiding in the closet, it too has a potpourri of crap in it that is totally important, or something. Again it's full of wires and all sorts of bits for a computer. I think that the only decent thing to do here is to dump all that stuff under the computer into that closet box so all of his totally important computer bits and pieces are all together. I bet that would be so helpful for him to know that everything is in that huge box. I think that's what I'm going to do. I mean, really what's one bigger mess compared to two "oh, yeah, that" to-dos checked off my list? I'm calling them done.


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