This week I have learned that......

Getting a decent haircut is a luxury that I am so thankful I can afford. I love not having to go to a discount chain only to cringe when the "stylist" does not do what I want.

There are only so many hours that I can get stuff done in, even with that extra sunlight these days are flying by.

Stupid people still insist on parking in front of my mailbox while they spend the day at the school. For some reason they must think that our mail carrier has a magic button that whooshes the mail into the mailbox from the post office. 

Eating about 30 Nilla wafers is not a serving. That like 4 servings. Ooops.

The neighbor's cat has returned for his seasonal adoption of us as his family. I can't deny that it's utterly adorable to watch Sun lounge about the yard as the children play their games. He is a smart kitty knowing those children are suckers for cute cats. And that sometimes he'll get to eat a dropped potato chip.

Cats like potato chips. Did you know that? They love them. It has to be that salty goodness.


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