Saturday 5K

The girls and their Daddy had an early morning run. We have been supporting Keith in his 5k pursuits and this time the girls wanted to try. Since a 5k is serious business for little ones we decided it would be better for them to do the 1 mile fun run. Maybe after a few of these they will be more prepared for a 5k. Both girls were ready to go and took off in the big crowd of people. They typically stay together, being sisters they like to share in each others success. Towards the end Leah got a side stitch and just wasn't able to keep up her pace. She slowed at the last quarter mile while Olivia powered on. Olivia was the 2nd place female at 6:54 minutes/seconds and Leah was the 4th place female with 7:10 minutes/seconds. Keith was the 2nd place male in his age group (all 30s) with 22:10 minutes/seconds. He achieved his goal of completing under 23 minutes. The first place winner came in at 17:55 minutes/seconds and as far as I could tell looked to be a boy of about 14 years old. There will be a few more 5ks over the season and plenty of goals to achieve. In the mean time it's great to know that they are having fun and staying fit. For as impressive as that winner's time was I found it more impressive to see a mother pushing her 2 children, about 4 and 2 years old in a stroller. She completed the 5k in 24 minutes while pushing at least 50 pounds of kids the whole way! My friends that to me is the winner of the race. A woman running with that chaos that fast is something of a fitness heroine. She should have won a prize.


Judith said…
How fun!

And not just the kids but the weight of the stroller too. Wow. Forget a prize. The Mom should get a medal.

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