TEH Tired

Yeah, I know I spelled the incorrectly but it'll make sense to you in a minute. Sleep is so nice especially in your own comfortable bed. What I can do without are inconsiderate childish neighbors who insist on having gatherings in their backyard until 5am. Yes, from 10:30pm-5am the NEXT day those people who live on the other side of the forest are up celebrating their clear lack of intelligence. Ok, so I'm being harsh here. And quite understandably so, I've been awake most the night and do not have the luxury of sleeping the day away. You might be thinking "oh they're just young and having fun", well maybe yes but really no. These are people with elementary and middle school aged children, these are people over 40 years old who should know better. These are people who should not have friends over 4 days a week to "let loose" and drink away the night. These are people sending out dangerous signals. In short these are people, in my unprofessional assessment, who are just about the best poster example of alcoholics. Trying to talk to them is difficult. Have you any success with having a conversation with a drunk person? It generally goes nowhere and is terribly frustrating.

I tend to be a very laid back person. I know that when you have people over for an evening together that sometimes you may be a little loud. No big deal. I can handle that every once in a while. What I can't tolerate any longer are late nights nearly every day of the week. What I hate is that in the comfort of my own home in my bed, windows shut I cannot keep their obnoxious noise out of my ears. Oh sure I could wear earplugs and then they can go about their noise and everyone is happy. Sure earplugs to drown out their noise and my alarm clock, yeah that'll work. I guess the real problem here is that despite they being told by numerous people around them to keep their parties indoors they have not. It's not even a consideration to them. They insist on enjoying the outdoors and to heck with everyone else. What they need is an intervention but no one wants to confront them and it has become moot. They could care less if the police stop by. All they do is go inside for an hour and then return their loud party outside.

In the mean time I'm trying to figure out a good way to handle this situation so that I and the rest of the people around those loud neighbors can get some sleep.


Judith said…
You need your sleep. At least 7 hours. So important. How is K-man handling it? Has he had a man to man talk with beer man?
Yvonne said…
We've opted to send a formal complaint letter to them signed by several of us who have been affected by their late nights. We're sending a copy to the HOA and police dpt. just to make it clear that there has been a complaint filed for record keeping.
knitting chick said…
If it were me dealing with the problem, I would envite all my church friends over for a "revival" in my back yard for a weekend party. Cuz ya know some of those revival parties can go on all day and night.

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