There it goes

There has been a very constant chaos in this house this past month. Well, nothing out of the ordinary, just lots of things to do and lots of doing. I'm breaking through the cloud of morning sickness which has made my days much more productive. I'm not a moper or a woe-is-me gal but I tell you what, when you feel nauseous most of the day it really does make for a crummy week. I've made an effort to whittle down that mountain of laundry that had been creeping its way out of the laundry room. I can almost see the floor! Amazing I know! That's a huge deal around here so yay me. I have to remind myself that I am no longer that sturdy go-go-go all day long woman I was 4 months ago. I may be sturdy but I am pregnant and I need to take a break often. That is important. So those dirty floors might get mopped, or they may not.

Being in the second trimester means I need to take advantage of the feeling good part of the pregnancy for getting those things done that need to be finished. The biggest thing that needs to be done is to consolidate and organize our house full of stuff. There are clothes to sort, shoes to hand down and kitchen wares to donate. Shelves to build and fill and new furniture to be bought or made. We have plenty of space it's time to use it wisely. Most importantly we need to separate ourselves from our excess belongings. 

Currently our fourth bedroom is the office and it has worked quite well but now that there's a wee one coming along that teeny room will need to be converted to the nursery. Our solution is to acquire some of that unused space in our basement. That space of which I speak holds an endless amount of stuff that needs to free itself from the deep dark over stuffed corners. It will become the fifth bedroom/office. If only we had that room built when we bought. While I seek contractors and watch Holmes on Homes I also must de-junk. Our book collection will have to be whittled down to just necessity books. I don't have a need to retain old college texts so off they go to the recycling station. Many will be listed on BookMooch or taken to the used book store. The only books that will not go are the children's books. Those stay without review and will never be considered. Those are far too important and I can live without several of my favorites so long as the kids keep all of theirs. The next big crap zone is the "craft" shelf. And, well, it's all my stupid junk. Okay it's not stupid and it's not junk but it's definitely taking up space. I have to admit here that I have crafter's ADD which has resulted in my collection of various crafty endeavors. So far the only one craft I used to do that will not be continued is scrapbooking. I bought so much beautiful paper and other tools that I have ended up using for other things. I did manage to put together two books and that's all. I keep telling myself maybe another time, or later on I'll finish that, or countless other excuses. The truth is that I no longer print photographs and the space I desire to spread out is lacking. Besides I have taken on knitting and jewelry making with much more passion that they are enough for me. Oh and the sewing. I think those 3 very hands on crafts are quite enough. Plus if you consider photography as another option then I have four. Plenty, plenty, plenty for me. Especially now that a baby will be taking my time I need to keep my focus. Week by week I will take a day to go through the basement shelves and decide what I need to keep and what will be useful for someone else. 

 Toys. We have too many toys that the kids do not play with nor use. That will be my next adventure. It will not be a good adventure but it has to be done. There are so many things that once were awesome that are now collecting dust it just makes me wonder. I know the girls do not need 50 Barbies. They love them but when it really comes down to it, those are the last thing they would save from a burning building. Those Legos on the other hand will follow them anywhere. Perspective. That's what they have to be given and then the process will go smoothly. Let me tell you what I'd rather do with that space that holds buckets of unused toys. I'd put our kitchen table in its place so that they could do more crafting. They are constantly pulling all sorts of nifty things out of our craft bucket to make wondrous things. That's what they love to do more than play with Barbies, or Polly Pockets or My Little Ponies. That's exactly what I'd rather them do too.
My biggest non-domestic burden is the church library. It has quite a bit more to go before all the stocked up books are cataloged. At first this was worrisome. Now there are a few good volunteers that have been consistent and tireless. That makes it less bothersome. I can't help but worry that having it all complete by August seems so unmanageable. I will do what I can and be glad for that which I can do. Most of the burden thereafter will be the typical putting out fires and general peacemaking. I have come to realize that part of my personality will never go away and never stop being needed. Thankfully that does not require hauling large boxes of books around.
Little things every day is my strategy. Eventually it will get done. Spring. It does bring with it quite a task list.


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