A day around the garden

A few things to see around our yard. The front flower bed Keith worked hard on over the weekend has been finished. We picked out a few great plants, pretty much it was a family selection of some our favorites and some we've never seen but think look neat. I can't wait to see how well everything grows and the blooms to come. Our first full outdoor season to enjoy our side patio is starting off well. We've dined several times outside and love how nice it is to eat a an outdoor table that does not lean terribly. I love the big forsythias and their bright yellow blooms. They make it look so cheerful. Keith's favorite the redbuds are starting to make their colors known and will be another wonderful color to see. I must admit they are pretty in bloom. I'm excited to see the first sign of our lilac bushes opening up to brighten that bay window spot. I love the smell of lilacs and this is so exciting to see them getting their flowers opened up. To think one day those bushes are going to help block a good deal of the intense evening sun in our dining room. A recent purchase of bleeding hearts was one I was glad to make. I adore them and was surprised those small roots have been so eager to burst open that they are blooming already. I expected them to hold off until next year but, hey I'll take that beauty now too. A couple weekends ago Keith built a nice bench to put along the garage. We didn't know what to do with the spot and when he thought about how those pole beans nearly took over the house he came up with the idea of a bench. I'll put our crazy pole beans in soon and we'll let them take over the bench and create a nice green covered seat. It just might make collecting the beans easier. It has to be easier than having to wrangle them out from the rose bush. I planted some hostas next to the bench. I was tired of seeing them waste away out front so that spot looked perfect for them. I want them to get obnoxiously large and cover that ugly electric box. Plus they will help make that space look less like a pile of dirt and more like a flower bed. Olivia found a heart shaped rock in the woods. She brought it home and it spent the winter lurking in amongst the pile of rock around the  "Hawaii" tree. She needed something to do after her bike wreck so painting it was just up her street. She painted it red and it has been creeping around the yard. She likes to place it in different spots every day. I like the surprise of finding it and it reminds me of that sweet little rock loving girl.


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