Freezer defrosted: check

I've been meaning to defrost our deep freezer it's just that I didn't expect to be forced into doing it so soon. It's just as well because I probably would have not done it anyhow. Every Sunday night should be one of panic. Maybe not. Around 8pm I thought that making a quick batch of cookies sounded good for dessert. We bought a few of those frozen cookie dough buckets from the girls' school fundraiser so we could make a half dozen at a time. Olivia was so excited she raced down to grab the cookie dough from the freezer in our basement. I followed behind to help her dig it out. When I opened the freezer I knew it was bad. There was no more frost built up on the sides and everything looked wet. Ack! I looked at the outlet the plug was in the socket but it was blaring red! Double ack!

30 minutes later and half a freezer in the trash we had the insides cleaned out and plugged in. I'm not quite sure what caused it but it seems like the fuse blew or the outlet reset itself at some point from late night Thursday to Friday afternoon. I'm guessing it had at least a full day and a half of being with out power for everything to have thawed out. The last time I checked the freezer was after lunch on Thursday when I put the bag of frozen ravioli down there. Everything was fine and running like always. Too bad I didn't bother to check it sooner. Nevertheless we lost mostly our frozen veggies and fruits, and fudgecicles. Sad, sad, sad. All those peas, berries and beans. I'm glad we've been using our last bag of blueberries we picked last summer for pancakes. Those would have been lost for sure. The only fruit to survive were our sour cherries we picked last year. I had them on a ledge so they were free from the berry/meat juice in the freezer's bottom. I was terribly sad to see a gallon bag of neatly cut homemade from the garden pesto cubes lost. Oh the sadness there. Pesto that had turned to liquid. I was bright enough to save a quart bag in the kitchen freeze so at least we'll have some until the basil has grown. We lost so much meat, well for us, maybe not for some of you out there. Thank goodness we packed a container of snow next to a whole rack of ribs and they were spared from spoilage. We'll be eating those this week as well as some pork chops and burgers. I can't complain too much. Our, er, my natural veggie tendencies really saved us some potential big losses in meat. Losing an obnoxiously large bag of fries and various frozen veggies are much less disgusting to clean up than pounds of meat.

I can't say that this little adventure won't make me neurotic about the freezer being on. I suppose for the next month I'll have to check it twice a day to put myself at ease. Anyhow it's over and now the freezer is nearly empty so we have loads of room for ice cream season to begin. With our fridge full of meat to cook and it looks like a cherry pie to make I'll be busy enough as it is to worry too much about a plugged in freezer. At least until we buy anything else the only thing in there now are more cookie dough tubs, which can be frozen or refrigerated, ice packs, and freezer jam. Nothing that will leak or make a mess. At least the cookies were good.


Unknown said…
ew, berry-meat juice.

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