Hai Monday!

Oh Hai Monday! I'm sure you didn't want me to have an easy day, naw, not easy. Why would the Monday of the week where your family plans to come visit be easy and seamless? In what world would that happen?

For one the coffee maker wants to decide when and how long it will remain on. Not good. It's even more delightful that it has been about a year after purchase and it decides to act up. Super! I have decided to press on and force this blasted Cuisinart DCC-2000 to work until it goes up in smoke. I am very displeased that the programming function, which I have been using barely 6 months, will not work. It will turn on as programmed but will shut itself off 10-25 minutes afterward. My only advice about this coffee maker is not to buy it. I poked around and found several sites loaded with similar cold coffee victims. The same scenario, maker works for about 12-18 months and then goes wonky. All the same problems, programming stops working and the maker will shut itself off randomly. Another common thread is that there is a 3 year warranty but that you must send the maker back and wait 2-3 months before they "fix" or replace it. If you ask me that's not worth the wait. We need coffee now darn it! Since my Cuisinart is still working, sorta, I'm pressing on until it cannot brew a cup of coffee.I have begun to accept that my time with this coffee maker is limited.

Since the coffee maker is slight in my daily wrench damage I moved on to other tasks. The big issue was the 5 loads of laundry to complete. That blasted washer. My Bosch front loader and I have a love and dislike relationship. I love its quiet and efficient washing I dislike when it stops working. Call me a tough manager but this machine has several years of hard use ahead of it so it just better get accustomed to my demands. After lunch I tried to wash 1 load of whites. This load was not willing to be completed. I could not figure out why the washer would wash but not rinse nor drain. Finally the Bosch threw me a bone, an error message. As far as messages go those little digital number messages are just as cryptic as a secret decoder ring message. Like any good library geek I went on the search for the answer to my error message number. Turns out it was a clogged drain. Hmm. Great, now I was left wondering if I could get a repair and 5 loads of laundry done before Wednesday night. I was not convinced that would be possible. I pressed on in my interweb answer to this very pressing problem. Turns out a very helpful user out there in the interweb land knew just what to do. I followed their easy instructions for opening the Bosch drain to seek my fortune, er, clog. The little trap door opened just as they wrote as well as the flood of water needing to be drained. That was fine since I was prepared with my wet/dry vac and sucked all that disgusting water up before it could flood my laundry room. (I love the wet/dry vac!) I opened the drain tube and just as they wrote sought the source of the clog, a child's sock. Well I'll be darned for sure! Those wonderful Epinions folks were correct. I found that missing magenta sock Olivia has been looking for. And a Kerplunk straw (plastic stick). No wonder the washer wouldn't drain with all that mess jammed up in the drain tube. I cleaned up my mess and was back in business. So glad I didn't have to call for a costly repair and wait days for it to be complete. To prevent this from happening again I'll use one of my net laundry sacks to put the teeny socks inside to keep them from exploring the washer drain. I'm still wondering how and why a Kerplunk straw made its way into the laundry. Guess where that game went?

The other issue is the catalog. That could be a bunch of things but since I can't control what happens on the server I'll have to wait and see what will unfold. In the mean time I have to put aside that large pile of new DVDs until all goes back to normal. The best part about the catalog problem is that I don't need the catalog to finish a load of laundry!


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