It's not the cupcakes.....

I swear it's not the cupcakes, or the pie or the chips and queso. By now being 22 weeks along the evidence of pregnancy sets in for all Mothers to be. This past week I've been greeted with the same comment "I didn't know you were pregnant!" It has been pretty funny. Depending on who tells me this I have responded "Yeah,::patting belly::: it's not from all those cupcakes I've been eating." I say it as a way to humor myself as not but a month ago when I told people I was pregnant they'd say "You sure don't look it." Okay so I'm not the thinnest person on the planet and I'll never be a teen model but uh, I don't think that comment is the best way to make a pregnant lady feel good about herself. Especially since they don't know you were struggling with fertility. The simple information people can't know by looking at you.

Here's the thing I am making jokes because I haven't gained more than 3 pounds and nearly through my 5th month that is quite unusual for a pregnancy. Particularly for me. Now before you get all worried thinking I'm starving myself or counting calories or any other strange not eating behavior let me reassure you that all is fine. This girl likes to eat. The difference is this time I'm not working behind a desk 8 hours a day, rotting in traffic for 4 hours and far too exhausted from housework and chasing kids to exercise. This baby is different besides having been so ill for so long my appetite has not been voracious. I'm hungry but not for half a cow every meal. I have been much more satisfied eating smaller portions every few hours. I'm making better food choices, eating whole grains and beans, all of which I've been craving. But I'm not denying myself a decent piece of pie or cake. I'm busier as a Stay-at-Home-Mom. I'm much more fit and physically active. Those things have made all the difference. I'm fortunate that my weight gain has been slow and healthy. That means the stress on my heart is low and my blood pressure is at an excellent rate all things that are concerns for pregnant women in their mid-thirties.

For all the good I'm doing those comments from insensitive people still sting. I should get used to it. The next round will be the judgmental comments from "helpful" strangers as they will tell me how to be a better Mommy. With the large gap between this little one and my two other little ones those who see me during the day will presume this baby is my first. Ahh the fun to come. Depending on how I feel and of course how ornery I am there may be some sort of interesting response from me. If anything it will provide me with endless topics to blog.


wealhtheow said…
The thing is, you are so clearly looking pregnant as opposed to looking like maybe yo put on some weight. You are looking fabulous!
Carolyn said…
Well, I'm certainly not going to tell you how to be a better Mommy, because you already are!

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