Nifty Things: New diaper bag

Finding a diaper bag has been on my something to eventually do list. It's not that pressing since the baby isn't due until September. Then there's the particularity of me that I worry about. I seem to want everything to be perfect suited to my taste. I am fond of stylish things, nothing too drab, but I am very drawn to practical functionality. If something looks good that's great but I always ask "Does it do its job?" or "Will it work for me?" questions. I've seen great bags all over. Too bad at the time I wasn't pregnant nor expecting to be so those great bags are but a hazy memory. The general common denominators in them all were stylish fabrics and non-bulky size. I knew that I wanted a decent sized bag but nothing outrageously huge. There is far too much to carry just with the baby itself that I want something that will not over burden me.

The bag must be large enough to carry the basic diapering necessities, spare clothing, snacks for me, my pocketbook (wrote about it here) and knitting. Plus a few other things but not much more. I don't expect to need a large bag because after traveling around with the girls I know how simplistic our needs have been. While window shopping last week I popped in to a local children's store. I had a bit of time before my hair appointment and I figured that I needed to get an idea of what is out there in the land of diaper bags. This little boutique was filled with all the great little things for babies. Just the type of store you'd seek out for a gift. I browsed around noticing all the wonderful little clothes. I found a small coat rack with bags and took a look. Most were huge to me. They were pretty but big. Too big. I was glad to see nice fabric but began to feel that maybe my smallish bag preference would be difficult to find. As I sorted through the bags I noticed smaller more my style bags on the lower rungs. I'm so glad I sought deeper in that mess of bags because when I pulled out the green brocade bag I hoped it would be good. A nice green fabric that was not too feminine and not too big. It almost looked like a large purse. What I found was my bag. The diaper bag for me. I bought it right then. It was what I wanted. A decent sized bag with plenty of room and pockets. A stylish bag that would be able to stash my gear but not look drab and too diaper bag-ish. The bag is a Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote. It has become the first official item bought for the baby. And did that ever feel good. One thing less to seek and one thing I am very pleased to have checked off the list. Relief. On to the next items on the list.


Unknown said…
I LOVE my PPB touring tote! Yours is so cute- love the green!! If you are interested in a baby carrier, check out my friend Mandy's site- she makes mei tai-style carriers. She has many fabrics to choose from, but you can also give her your own fabric if you find one you like! I have used mine so much I had to get another one so I could have one for home and one for the car!!

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