Hawksbill and Pregnant

We journeyed to Shenandoah National Park for some hiking. It has been a long time. We chose to take the Hawksbill trail to see the top. It's the highest point in the park and has been a choice we have meant many times before to explore. The last time we hiked this trail Leah was 11 months old and walked all the way up herself. She was ever the go-go-go all day long baby. She of course was wiped out by the time we got to the top but she walked it before many take their first steps. We didn't have long to look around. A storm was blowing in and it didn't look too good. The girls peeked around looking for some birds but that wind was picking up making it very blustery. We got a picture of the belly, it made it up there too. The first hike for the little one, even if I did all the work. There were many rocks to inspect and scramble but not enough time. As we ventured back down the trail the hot sunny day began to cool down. By the time we got to the car the rain was starting to fall. Just in time for us to get inside before the large heavy cloud pushed through raining hard. We had to stop at the ranger station and wait for the cloud to pass because it was so thick you couldn't see a thing. Our plans of another hike fell apart as the clouds kept coming through dropping the rain and keeping the temperature at 50 degrees. We decided to head home with plans to return for that other hike.


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