Horsecamp week

The girls have been spending their first week of summer vacation at a horse farm learning all about how to take care of horses. I took a few pictures with my phone and wish I would have brought along my Nikon. They begin their day at 9am and it ends at 4pm. They work on all kinds of tasks. It is a mixture of fun and work. I loved how the owner/teacher made it clear to the children that taking care of a horse is not just filled with fun rather there's a lot of work involved with these beautiful animals. I think the girls learned so much. They are now so comfortable with horses, Olivia really took to this camp. She loved everything even the work part. I had to practically drag her out of the barn a few times. She was always looking for more to do to help out. Throughout the week they were able to ride different horses. Some larger than others, some older. It was a great way for them to learn that each horse is different and that you must know your animal before heading out. By the end of this week they have learned how to sit for jumping positions. They won't get to jump but they learn how to sit on the horse properly and be ready to jump. Olivia is hoping for a chance to jump. Maybe tomorrow, we'll see. This farm was such a great choice I'm so glad that we were able to get the girls in to experience such a great camp.


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