Lemony drink

I found the best new lemonade for me. I got my recipe from Beauty That Moves just in time for my first big harvest of lavender. She made a fantastic Lavender Lemonade that is such a great quencher on a hot summer day. Since I have an endless supply of organic lavender this is going to be my go to lemonade recipe for the summer. After delicately collecting some lavender I was looking forward to sampling this drink. I have to collect my lavender delicately because it's a popular location for bumblebees. They are far too busy buzzing around to be bothered by me but it's never a good idea to be anything but gentle and quiet when getting in their way. The lavender plants were in need of a decent pruning which was not approved by the bees. As I placed stem after stem in my basket the bees would pass by and check out the basket giving those flowers a once over. Before I brought my lavender inside I gave that basket and my bouquet a good shake. I'd rather keep the bees outside along with the other little bugs. I rinsed the stems off and allowed them to dry off before getting that lemonade going.
See that bouquet of lavender on the table behind this jar of syrup? My how I love that lavender. This lemonade was so fun. Fun to make and fun to drink. I was delighted with the fantastic purple hue the lavender syrup rendered. That pretty purple syrup made a pinkish pretty lemonade. How surprising the drinks looked. It made the girls so excited to have such a pretty drink with supper. It's amazing how much more a simple meal becomes with something as lovely as lemonade to place on table. We ate a quick made meal of roasted squash, mushroom couscous and roasted chicken wings. There was that chocolate zucchini cake for dessert too, notice how a big chunk of it is missing! A nice simple meal made pretty with some Anniversary roses. Flowers, cake, lavender lemonade sounds like summer to me.


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