One Lizard, Two Lizard, three?

We've had ourselves some house-crashers this week. Joe and Ed decided to make themselves at home in our basement. They are two of our garden lizards. We have several lurking around the house. It's nice that they are around to keep our cricket population under control. Mostly they sun themselves on our garden rock walls and skitter away if anyone comes close to them. But inside the house they are far more willing to let you get close. See what a comfortable home can do for you.

I noticed the first guy Tuesday afternoon. I was in the basement enjoying its coolness and the comfort of our well worn couch. Knitting away with the news on I was taking a break from the terrible heat upstairs. When I looked up to watch the story on the news I saw him, Joe. There he was sitting on the pink princess blanket, looking quite comfortable indeed. At first I thought I was seeing things. Maybe it was a toy. Then it moved slightly and that's when I knew we had a guest. Oh he was a very happy chap relaxing in the cool basement taking reprieve from the heat. I figured that he was having far too good of a time on the floor. It was time to catch this little guy and set him on his way outside. A fast little lizard and fond of hiding under things. It kept me busy a good 10 minutes. Once captured he was taken to the back yard. He was greeted with fascination from the girls who of course placed him in our critter keeper. There he sat while all the children on the street had a chance to formally inspect him. He was set free in the rock pile near the woods to go find a new home away from ours.

So I thought 'Well wasn't that an interesting afternoon' all day yesterday until around 9pm. We girls just finished watching a movie when Leah noticed something moving along the wall. Usually that something turns out to be a big spider and that never ends up good. This time it wasn't a spider. It was Ed, Joe's buddy. He too was enjoying the blanket snuggling up for bed we supposed. Since Ed needed to take a hike too I had to capture him. Easier said than done with 2 little girls helping. Faster and smaller Ed was difficult to catch. I think my girls helped with the distractions by mildly panicking. The trick with catching lizards is to give them something to hide under. The girls didn't understand that detail. Instead they picked up everything and that left Ed with no where to go but under heavy furniture. Eventually we got him caught and took him outside. Leah set him free where Joe was released. After that we were distracted by the half dozen bats fluttering around in our back yard. Those are interesting creatures too but they can stay interesting outside thank you very much.

Now it's Wednesday. Two lizards in two days. I hope that those were the only two in here and not a family. I wonder how those guys got inside? There must be some sort of gap in the basement that is perfect for them to get inside. We need to find it and fix it before we end up with something not a nice as lizards making their way inside. Ugh, can you imagine, snakes? Ugh. That would be awful. Just in case you were wondering what kind of lizards we found the best I can say is they are some sort of Skink. It's a very common type of lizard and there are several that are locally found in this part of Virginia. Nothing dangerous just mischief from them.


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