Some growing progress

I took a quick walk around the garden and took some pictures of what is growing. There are the pole beans creeping up the arbor bench. There is even a decent sized sunflower growing behind those beans. I even forgot about those squash I put under that bench. The hostas are happier along the bench wall. I'm glad they will grow better here and fill in that tight space. The crape mrytle lavender boxwood circle is doing well. Lavender particularly well. I'm looking forward to being able to clip some of those stems to put in a little vase. We moved the feverfew to the woods a few weeks ago. It was taking over our garden in places it should not be. Such as cracks all along the patio and even the front steps where it first began three years ago. So off to the woods it went to conquer new space and spread out. That's what we want more filling in of the gaps of that forest. The bonus is that this will pretty up the forest some with its cheerful flowers. Our herb flower garden along the house is doing its work at getting big. The daylilies blooming sure brighten up that wall with yellow. I put in some lavender next to them as a nice purple color partner. Oh and that moss on the ground between the patio cracks is looking great. One day it will fill in all those cracks and help stabilize the flagstone.


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