This tremendous heat is making me feel like a pre-baked pie shell. All across the Eastern side of the country we have been getting some incredible long hot days. Not just 80s hot which would be the norm for us this month. Nope. We're above average in these parts pushing 100s most days. Full sun, no rain in sight, thankfully provides low humidity.

Hot. It's just plain hot out there. Summer is supposed to be hot. I get that, and even I can dig it. We love hot summer days. They are perfect for long days at the pool and eating plenty of ice cream. It's this hot day after day without rain that is beginning to take a toll on everything. The garden has been holding strong. Although this prolonged lack of rain will certainly cost us in the garden. I must admit my plans for weeding and general care of the garden hardly seems important to me. The mornings start off hot which just about makes me crazy. I can't stand to be outside long but want to enjoy that quiet time. Watering has become my morning exercise dragging hoses all over. What a work out that is!

As the heat presses on I am thinking of cool days and pumpkin pie. Crunchy leaves blowing around and crisp fall air. Those days are not far off. Meanwhile I'll submerge myself in the pool and eat plenty of popsicles.


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