Toe toucher

Want to know something odd? As in a stupid human trick odd. At 29 weeks pregnant I can still touch my toes. I just can't see them until I actually try to touch them. With the girls I was far too large at this point to do that. I may have a week or two left of this ability. 29 weeks along and I'm feeling the absence of that much desired 2nd trimester. Naps are not something I can do without. Which is such a pain when I need to be somewhere and my body wants to rest. I'm glad that the girls are older and can keep busy while Mama is crashed out on the couch.

The path ahead is the last big hurrah until birth. I'm gaining more weight which is good but it's now being felt so much more. Hello back pain! So far I've put on about 13 pounds. This is just a guess all based on my limited rememberies of the weigh-ins at my checkups. Although my doctor will tell me my official gain if I ask him I just don't ask. So far he is very pleased with my slow and healthy gain. Which means I have nothing to worry about. As the last trimester charges on the gaining is at its most which is why thus far my low weight gain means I'm a healthier Mama. I still pause when I see that gain. I know that each pound is that of my baby but I am always concerned about my overall heart health. I'm still active despite this awful heat. I'd love to take more walks if it was not for the tiny bladder issue. With an active kicker rumbling around inside it makes taking a stroll more of an issue of being a certain distance away from a restroom. Swimming has been a good way to accomplish some activity although I could live without all that chlorine. By the way getting sunburn is so much more easy while pregnant. I recently discovered that little detail. Stay covered and use lots of sunscreen.

Have I talked about heartburn? No? Well it's on. All the time. I never get heartburn unless I'm preggers. It's such a dreadful thing. Eating now becomes a gamble. Shall I eat this wonderful bean dip? Can I eat this pizza? How about some pineapple? It seems just when I think that it's fine I'm greeted a hour later with the reminder of my limited stomach size. All those chips and tempting salsa sit there looking so pleasing and I'm torn. Shall I enjoy that now and pay later? Indulgence has become a daily event. Thankfully chocolate seems to be fine. That is fantastic isn't it? As far as cravings go there is not one thing that I must have. No longing for cheese or pasta or cake or anything. Well besides wanting to eat spicier foods nothing. I'm not even counting the desire for spicy foods to be a craving. It's more of a longing for something I can't have. Ever since the first trimester spicy foods have made me feel awful. Just now it's outrageous heartburn instead nausea. I find it no fun to eat mildly. Plainly is so boring. I like me some spice and seasoning. I know that spicy peppers are clearly out and I have been good about limiting them from my food. No more heuvos rancheros for Sunday brunch. But even some higher acid foods are making me miserable. Tomato sauce! No fair! I will not give up the tomato. I've had a little conversation with the mystery baby. I made it clear that despite those other things I've given up I will not set aside the tomato. I hope the rest of me is in agreement.


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