Baby on the way

What we need for our new baby is not much. I have learned over time that too much is just that too much. I know of a few things that we must have. First is a crib and that is not an issue since we still have the one from the girls. All we need is to put those sheets and add a few small blankets. As it stands the 0-3 month bin of clothing is mostly white and yellow. Once we discover what we have (only on its birth will we know) then we'll need more or less clothing. That I'm not too worried about since really the first few months I preferred to dress the girls in those night-gown sacks for easy constant diaper changing.

A highchair is another need but it is something that can wait for a while. I'd prefer something wooden, more old fashioned, like what we had for the girls. I liked the second hand wooden highchair we had because it was perfect to scoot right up against the table. There the girls sat with us at every meal. Once they were toddlers it was a wonderful booster chair. There are a few in mind the Anka, Keekaroo, and Antilop.

A good stroller will be a big need. I plan to do loads of walking and our weekend outings are not going to stop just because we have a baby. Heck no. Between a stroller and a carrier we're going to keep on exploring that big world. As for the stroller we can't agree yet. We definitely do not want another commando stroller. That's what we called our car seat stroller set years ago. That was far too much work to fold up and was terrible for taking in confined spaces like DC museums. I had difficulty lifting it due to its weight. I prefer an umbrella one such as the Maclaren. (Triumph, Quest Sport) Keith is looking for a jogger. We'll see how this goes.

I like two carriers for the little one. The Moby Wrap is something I know we'll need right off. Both girls were so much more comfortable when I had them on me that I can assume the same to be true this time. The ErgoBaby carrier looks like an excellent one for travel. Although Keith is thinking a straight up backpack carrier is more in line. I think he's dreaming about skiing.

Those are the big things. Plates, cups and such are easy to find. Diapers also mostly easy. I want to go cloth but that will wait until the little one is around 3 months old. Other things will become known and needed but as of now we have a very short list.


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