Iron and hair

Yesterday I went to old town to get my hair cut. That was the last time I expect to go for some time. Getting a hair cut is a luxury especially if it's at a place you like and with a stylist that knows your likes and most importantly your hair. The girls quietly waited on the comfy couch reading and nibbling on the snacks the manager gave them. Going in the late morning means I'm able to relax without worry that my kids might disturb others. That was the time of day with their lowest client scheduling which is why I love to go, no worries about having your time rushed due to anxious others waiting. An hour later I was done and the girls were ready to leave that boring place.

As we walked towards the car Leah reminded us it was lunch time. She's always the food alarm. Most of the places in old town are of the more formal type. Small restaurants that require a sit down and wait experience. Not for us that day. We had to go find some costume items yet so lunch needed to be quick. I suggested the local burger place but Leah didn't want to eat that. She was thinking more pasta and pizza. No meat type of meal. Unfortunately there were not too many quick pizza places nearby and I sure didn't want to drive out of the way for a slice of pizza. We do love our pizza. I pressed on the burgers. That would be easy and we'd be able to eat outside along the train tracks. Still she was not sold on it. Nevertheless that didn't stop me. We chose our food, 2 burgers and a grilled cheese. They selected a table outside and we talked about the trains while we waited for our burgers to cook. Not long later our order arrived. Olivia dug into her grilled cheese right away. Leah paused a moment before biting into that cheeseburger. I was a little worried. I thought she'd not finish half. I mentioned that if she were to get full to ask Olivia to take a few bites. As our conversation continued I hardly noticed that it was more Olivia and I doing all the talking. It was when Leah said "Oh wow! I didn't realize how much I wanted that cheeseburger!" and there was about 4 bites left in her hand. With the last morsel of a bite remaining she offered Olivia a bite remarking that she should have maybe offered sooner. Olivia was full from her grilled cheese so she didn't have the room for that tiny bite Leah offered. I found it hilarious that my veggie loving daughter devoured that cheeseburger. I know her cravings are often for veg over meat any day. What this did do was remind me that I need to make sure she's getting the nutrition she needs. Her gobbling up that burger told me that her body needed that iron dense burger. Now that I think about it we've been low on the red meat as of late so I'm sure we all could use a good dose of iron.

The next task of our day was to visit the thrift store to find some costume basics. Olivia has come up with the plan of being a polar bear for Halloween. Leah was considering a bumblebee, but she'd also like to be a brown bear. We searched for some big white fluffy sweatshirts and pants. All I could fine was a white fleece pullover. That'll do I suppose. Olivia spotted some white leggins but not a fluffy white thing. We settled on those finds as a base. Perhaps we could add to them or get them more bear worthy later. I found a white chenille hat for her that would be prefect for sewing on some bear ears. We hoped to find a hooded sweatshirt which would have been the best way to make an easy bear head. For Leah we found nothing bee-ish. I like the idea of her bee costume. Yet she was pushing the brown bear thing. So to cover our bases we looked for fluffy bear bases. We found a nice chenille hooded jacket. The most perfect texture and color. Then for pants we had great luck in finding some velor sweatpants. The color was a little darker compared to the jacket but close enough to do for the costume. I think with Leah 's brown hair that all we'd need are some headband ears to top off the costume. Still we need to find gloves or mittens in white and brown. Our idea is to glue on felt to make them look like paws. We'll need to look hard for those colors. All the winter stuff is pretty much gone at this point so it will take some serious looking.

With all the costume pieces mostly complete I went on a hunt for other finds. The first most significant find was a very fluffy pink twin sized blanket. It was the blanket I've been wanting to get for Olivia for a very long time. It's sold for $50.00 new and that is far too much to spend on a blanket. Yet there it was, like new, for $8.00. I snatched it up. Something like that would not last long in there and with cooler weather coming it's sure to be gone by week's end. That was our big score. We walked along the women's section to see what was there. I found a fantastic summer dress in the size, cut, shape and material I like. It was added to the pile. I hope to fit into it by next spring. And of all the unexpected things we found was a yellow, Old Navy brand, polka dot dress in Leah's size. Another jackpot. She was so excited about that dress. I think for over a year now I've searched for any yellow dress that would fit her and would be appropriate for her taste. She was talking about how she can't wait to wear it to church as she held it up to herself. I do love good finds. With our arms full we made our way to the check out. There was much chatter about the costumes and of course Olivia could not wait to wrap herself up in that big soft blanket. Now that we have some costume pieces we'll need to begin work on finishing up those bear suits to make them look like those bears in their imagination. I'd better dust off my glue gun.


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