Peachy Good Dandy

Our CSA box has been filled with such fantastic juicy peaches that you just would not believe. We've been enjoying them so much. I love them those delicious peaches. Where a fresh peach is an excellent treat we can eat any time we've been wanting to eat them another way. There will always be that yummy jam, preserving is a favorite method of saving our favorite summer treat, but we desire a little change. Something fresh and light but oh so delectable. I pondered on that thought for some time before I recalled tasting an amazing peach trifle years ago. Just thinking about it made me so excited. It was the perfect idea to satisfy that craving for fresh juicy peaches. And simple. Oh so simple. I looked for a good recipe but didn't have much energy to go about making a vanilla custard from scratch. A hot summer afternoon and being 35 weeks pregnant make short cuts desirable. I checked my pantry and came up with my own super simple summer peach trifle. Because this is a kid and pregnant lady friendly recipe there is no alcohol in it for flavoring. Don't let that deter you, lack of traditionally using sherry or brandy does not affect this dessert's delectable-ness. This is such an easy and pretty dessert that it makes a great crowd pleasing dish for any party.

Super Simple Peach Trifle

2 pkgs. lady fingers or 2 (8inch) sponge cake layers
2/3-1 cup berry sauce, we like Smuckers triple berry ice cream sauce
1 large pkg. (4 3/4 oz.) vanilla pudding (no cook)
3 cups milk
1 1/2 cups whipped cream or Cool Whip
5 fresh peaches (about 2 lbs.) washed and sliced
Fresh sliced strawberries, for garnish

Select your favorite trifle dish* or a large glass bowl. Prepare pudding according package directions and allow it to rest a moment. Begin your trifle by gently separating the lady fingers. Place a single layer of lady fingers in the bottom of your dish. Complete your pudding custard by whipping the whipped cream in the pudding. Drizzle about 3 Tablespoons of berry sauce over the lady fingers. Add some sliced peaches. Spread about a half cup to 2/3 cups of the pudding mixture over the lady finger peach layer. You want to mostly cover the layer but not smother it. Continue making layers until you run out of lady fingers. Pour remaining pudding mixture over the top of your trifle, Garnish with remaining peach slices or fresh sliced strawberries. Cover and refrigerate 2-3 hours before serving. It is best eaten the same day but is still wonderful the next day.

*I love mine from Pampered Chef. Its removable stand and snap on lid make for easy storage in the fridge. Plus the glass is thick which makes it sturdy and less delicate to transport.


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