37 weeks

It's September already. About 3 more weeks until the tiny little F'Laker babe is going to meet us. Still no word on the actual surgery date. I hope by next week's appointment to have some sort of date in place. Not that I'm eager. Well, I'm eager but not too eager. My belly is large but it's rather fun to have a little one with you all the time. It's just I would like for some sort of detachment feature for when I want to sleep. All the bladder pounding and belly punching is getting a bit much at night.

I do admit I am getting anxious and the countdown is really becoming exciting for everyone. It's a busy month with school, sports and other activities getting underway. I'd like to know if we have more or less time to prepare. So far this baby is going to be large. All around. Large. Long and heavy. It would not be unusual for this baby to be 9 pounds and over 21 inches long. Sturdy is the descriptor I am using. Mongo is another. So with that in mind the due date is something I wonder about. If I grow too large the baby will need to come earlier but if I maintain my current growth I could very well have a delivery at the end of the month. It's still up in the air. At my last appointment the Doctor said we would be able to have a better idea for the surgery, possibly a date. I was told the same thing today. I think it's a matter of what I'm thinking. Even the Doctor can't say for certain how mega the baby will get but he does not want it to be too large. I'd like to avoid another 10 pounder wonder.

My original due date was the 18th. I was pushed back due to the ultrasound indicating the baby was "under sized" for the listed due date. I remember laughing a little and telling that Doctor there was NO need to alter the date. No need at all because these F'Laker babies really make up for lost time in the last trimester. I mentioned the large size of my girls. The Doctor looked at me like I was a little nuts and said that the date would be pushed back a week, maybe more. And now here we are 3 weeks to go. Baby three and the measurements are adding up to be the biggest of my children. I kinda wish I could have another ultrasound just to say to that Doctor "In your face" or "Told ya so" about the babies I make being so large and robust rather than "under-sized". I can take comfort in my knowledge that the F'Laker baby is not going to be teeny.

I know there are people who are seeing me walking around and thinking "Good gracious that's a big belly" and it has been said. Many wonder if I'm joking when I tell them 3 more weeks. Most just drop their jaw and stare. Because I would joke about that, for sure. I was even asked if the belly is painful. Not really. I have pain when frantically kicked but not for the size and weight. I'm tough, I can take it. The difference in this pregnancy is as Leah said "Hey, Mom, from behind I can't even tell you're pregnant." whereas with the girls there was no hiding it at this point. I was huge with them. All around huge. Even my hair felt bigger with them. I do have to laugh because this belly is ALL baby. Bang! There it is right out front. Look out for the belly. Although I am told I'm larger I feel smaller and better all around. I was way more weary by this time with the girls and SO ready to deliver. I don't have that same desire. I can still touch my toes and bend and reach and move pretty good for having a big belly. So maybe this little one will make it to the end of the month adventuring with me just a bit longer.


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