3rd and 5th

The first day of school went well. Good friends and new teachers. Both girls are really looking forward to a great year. So far they love their teachers. I was greeted in the afternoon by two girls who had so much to tell. I'm glad they are pleased to be back to school to see dear friends and meet new ones. The only complaint the girls had was the new lunchroom regime. No longer are they permitted to sit by the classmate of choice. They must sit in numbered order, otherwise known as alphabetical by last name. This is somewhat strange to me. Actually quite upsetting. It is really bothering Leah as she is not fond of having to sit next to very rowdy boys all day long. Lunch was supposed to be her break from all that. The time to relax and enjoy her friends. We hope this is a result of needing order for the first few weeks but if this is going to be an all year thing then it will not be well supported. I can't imagine many other parents feeling this is reasonable. When I was a kid lunchtime was a free for all. You had not limitations for seating. You just sat where there was space and it didn't matter that you intermixed with other classes. Also, after lunch you went directly to recess. That is not done. It's all in the past. Now kids eat, hauled in like cattle and hauled out. Recess for 20 minutes a day but only if that can be fit in around the curriculum. I think that kids would be less rowdy if they knew that they had recess every day same time and had the freedom to socialize with others. Ahh, but this is the new form of education. Rules, order, no compromises. What changes have occurred over time. I hope that despite this minor little let down that the girls will find a way to enjoy lunch time.


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