A Little more Jam

I love making jam. Being able to capture that fresh fruit and put it in jars is so enjoyable. I remember the first time I considered jam making. It was something I always wanted to do but never felt I had time to learn. I couldn't do it for this reason or that reason. Every reason. We can be so good at making excuses. Finally it was time to get over those many silly excuses and jump right in. The motivation might have been related to the 45 pounds of peaches that were taking over my kitchen 2 years ago. So it began and now I'm a jam maker. I look forward to the end of summer when I can pull out my canner and get started. For the last two years I've stuck to my favorite jam: peach. I love peach jam. Although I love peach I've been looking for some other flavors to try. The CSA box has been an inspiration for this desire. It all began with that plumeach jam, which is still a family favorite. It just might be our signature jam. Since that little experiment went so well I've been thinking of other fruit combination jams to create. I have an idea for mango raspberry and a jalapeno peach. I can expect the latter to only be of interest to me I doubt that the girls or Keith will want to eat anything spicy.


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