This week I have learned that......

The elimination diet is no fun for Mama, but it makes the baby happy.

It's diaper after diaper in this house.

I love not having to worry about supper thanks to my church's Moms group. One less concern for me as we adjust to being on our own with the baby.

I still love looking at those little toes.

Leah will again be an awesome goalie saving her team from a big loss. Way to go!

Olivia despite her size will out run girls twice her size and score. Way to go!

One day it will be Adelynn on the pitch with her big sisters cheering her on.


Unknown said…
You have to do the elimination diet? I did no dairy- or soy-containing foods for 10 months, starting when Sam was 6 weeks old. It was not fun for me, but it worked! Wishing you luck with it- I know how hard it can be to have a baby with a hurting belly!
Yvonne said…
I wasn't instructed by the Doctor but by cutting all that dairy, caffeine, chocolate and citrus Adelynn is doing better. Hoping I can add it back in over time. Or at least the chocolate part!

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