My runner girl

Leah is in a new school club this year. She joined the running club. Rather I signed her up for the running club. It's not that we want to force her into anything like some parents tend to do. It has become clear that she is losing interest in soccer. She loved it there for a while but now she just has been lacking the thrill of playing. It may have something to do with a confidence issue but the motivation is slipping away. It breaks my heart to see her lose interest in something she is good at playing. Her self perception is she does not do well enough, not perfect. We're not going to force her to continue if she'd rather not play. The next level will only be more competitive and an indifferent teammate is not one that should be on the pitch. Because of this we felt that she needs to find something else to do. She has far too much F'Laker energy to be idle. She has always enjoyed running which is why this club seems to be a good fit for her.

A week into this club and she's loving it. Many of her friends are there as well as her teacher. It is going to be a great way to use that energy and enjoy her friends. The goal of the club is to help train kids to be able to run a 5k. She has been doing great. She thinks that her pace is too slow. They are timed each week to keep track of progress. I think she'll always be hard on herself and that no matter how fantastic she does she'll never be good enough. I keep encouraging her. Speed is nice but her being able to run the track without a need to stop is more important. Maintaining pace is the way to train for a 5k. I reminded her that cheetahs are the fastest land animal but they can't run for a long period of time, only short bursts. It's not about being a cheetah. I told her to think about being steady on her run and eventually her speed will improve. She can be so hard on herself. I just want her to have a good time. There are great days ahead of her if only she would just focus on enjoying the sunshine and her friends. Being the best is not important in this club, having fun is, something she needs. She needs to support of her parents and friends. To know that we think she is a great runner no matter her speed.


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