Must haves

When Leah moves away she requires but two things from me. My recipe for macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. That's all. She tells me these are very important things and very much required before she goes out on her own. I think I'm going to keep this as a reminder for later. That later when as a graduating high schooler with her palm held out toward us seeking money I can let her read this little entry. Knowing me that's what I'll do at her graduation party. It's worth a good lighthearted laugh. I know those simple recipes are not all she will need when the time comes along but isn't fantastic to think about how simple her needs are at this time in her life? That the simple comfort of nourishment is still very much a required aspect of her security is endearing. I find that her choices tell a lot about her. True to form it's also something meatless. She requested two hearty rib sticking dishes. Nothing sweet. Nourishing food. Those will forever be her coming home dishes. The food she will want to eat when she returns. When the time comes I do hope she returns. For visits. Often.


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