Nifty Ideas: Thanksgiving crafts

Another round of fantastic nifty ideas I have discovered. You too may become inspired by these nifty things and in turn create your own. If you have any of your own nifty ideas please share them with me I'd love to learn about what is nifty to you!

Decorating for Thanksgiving is fun for all ages. The kids have great ideas as seen in their pictures. I love this Woolen Leaves garland.  It's a great little craft that older kids can enjoy. The end result makes a great decorative piece to hang just about anywhere you want.

Another great little craft for the kids is making the Mayflower Nut. This is a wonderful way to keep the kids at your gathering busy, if not for 5 minutes. Maybe there could be a launching of those finished boats after the big meal.

What's Thanksgiving without the Pilgrims? Make some quick hats for the little ones and your party will be complete. Thanks to Martha this is a super easy craft.


wealhtheow said…
We will see some of these crafts this Thanksgiving?

Sam & I are going to try to make some waxed leaves this week.

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