Spiral knit hat

It feels good to get my hands on needles and yarn. I've had little time or energy to knit. All those moments I thought I could work on a row or three ended up in a stitch or two. The desire to knit is there. I longingly gaze at my knitting bag as it brims with projects I want to complete. I have a shortage of free time at the moment, most of which is spent catching up on my sleep. I know it's only temporary that soon Adelynn will be more self entertained giving me a few minutes here and there to knit. My routine will be ever changing. That's how it goes with a baby. Something new every day. I am reminded that my time to knit will always be limited and that those lofty goals of getting projects done will need to me grounded in reality. I no longer have hours in a day where I could sit and create. I have to pace myself in small chunks.

I'm working on hat for a friend. They had their first child, a girl, about 2 months ago. I began knitting this hat shortly before Adelynn was born. I figured I had plenty of time. Still I want and need to finish this hat so that it remains a baby gift, fresh and new-ish. This hat normally can be made in an afternoon. Now it has taken me 2 months to knit 3 inches. Ack. Nevertheless I am pressing on. I have to attempt something crazy. I have to get about 2 rounds done every day. That will be incredible if I can maintain that pace. I am eager to finish this hat because I want to make one for Adelynn too and I refuse to start something new if I have to complete a gift for someone else.


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