When she sleeps

In my limited sleep I've had quite the dream sequences. I can't say for sure what has caused some of these ideas to form but if any thing it does give me pause. I sure would not like to be trapped in my mind. As of late it has become one wacky place. The sleep withdrawal I've been enduring has to be the cause of these random weird dreams. Keep in mind that my sleep patterns are not typical and I hardly get to REM as I am sleeping 2 hours at a time. It's when I get 3 hours that I have the wacky dreams. About 2 nights a week I can get a good 3 hour stretch, maybe even two of those which is not much. Perhaps my brain has been back logged and has gone on fried mode to get my issues worked out. That's my theory. My unofficial clinical answer. So enough of the jabbering let's talk about those crazy sequences. They are not long usually I enter the good REM place right about when Adelynn wakes up so thankfully she saves me from a serious whacked-out dream. 

I dreamed that Jeff Bridges used my neti pot. How weird is that? I think that it's the oddest thing to dream about your neti pot. It was a pretty simple sequence. It went like this: Jeff Bridges and some side kick (not sure who just a male somebody) wander into my bathroom on a quest for the neti pot. Jeff Bridges is talking about the wonders of the pot, perhaps as a salesman would, to this companion of his. As he talks they are helping themselves to the various other things found in our bathroom while. Meanwhile me and the Mister are sleeping as they carry on. In the dream I didn't wake up until they got noisy using the neti pot. It can get noisy if you've never used one before. I was angry that some idiot woke me up. Believe me when you have a newborn waking up before the baby does is enough to make you angry. I get up and ask them what they are doing in my house, etc, etc, and finally to get out. Jeff Bridges was polite with his explanation, which slips my mind, it must have been a damn good reason to break into someone's house in the middle of the night to use their neti pot. He offers to leave the neti pot and be on their way but I was too grossed out that two strange men used my pot that I insist they take it with them. After they leave I'm super mad that they got away with my neti pot AND that they woke me up. I woke up mad at Jeff Bridges. Interestingly the last few days my nose has been stuffy so maybe I'm trying to tell myself I need to use it to clear my head. Also it may have to do with all those stop childhood hunger commercials he's in.

I dreamed that a chicken slept in bed with me whose whole purpose was to eat bugs that were found crawling on me and in my bed. I can't give too many details about this one as it pretty much blew my mind. I woke up confused. I can't figure why I'd dream about chickens in my bed. Tame chickens. Chickens that can be trained to eat bugs off your body and not poop in your bed. Chickens that pick bugs off your body without pecking you. I'll tell you what this dream sure sounds like someone's bad trip. That bed must have been in one heck of a rat hole if it required a trained chicken to be pest control. All I can tell you is that I woke up spooked. Freaked out. I even checked the bed and the floor to double check that a chicken was not in fact in my house. It took me a bit to shake that one off. Now it's just damn funny. A trained chicken. Ha!

Now that you are considering my mental stability go ahead and laugh. I wonder what the next lot will bring?


wealhtheow said…
Refluxy babies are not good with the sleep. But it gets better soon.
Judith said…
That was REALLY funny. Much better than mine that night. I went back 1945, was made up like Hedy Lamarr and with lots of jewelry on, danced & romanced an officer, then told my grandkids about it when I was 84.

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