Where've ya been?

We're nearing the two month mark with our new girl Adelynn. My has it gone quickly. I'm starting to feel more part of the world. Crazy huh? I'm not so out of it anymore. Not that I'm getting any more sleep because I'm not but I'm at the point where I care to know what day it is and remember that it is actually Monday. For some reason I don't remember being so secluded from the world the last go around. Maybe that has to do with having the two little ones at once and having to get back to work at 8 weeks. Having to be at work where others rely on your decisions will wake you up fast.

At any rate I'm staring to get back into a routine. Making an effort to keep the household going is not as easy when Adelynn needs to be held and soothed. Small steps. Everything is going in small steps. I've got the laundry rhythm figured out. The girls have been very helpful with this chore. They are able to haul the clothes to the laundry room and they are great folders. Even though they do not like to fold. I know this because they tell me. Every. Single. Time. My biggest issue is keeping the floors clean. We really need to sweep every day. The crumb layer on my floors is spectacular. Partially as a result to having kids and, I admit this, it's me. I have to eat on the move. Holding Adelynn as I pace the kitchen with something in hand to eat is not a tidy affair. I am making the biggest mess. The girls have been very helpful with sweeping but they won't do it unless I remind them of the task. Still no matter how much you sweep it can't mask the fact that the floors do need to be mopped at some point. I can't really mop with a baby on me so that has been put off for some time. As it goes. One small chore at a time. Progress is happening but not fast enough for an uptight organized fanatic like me.


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