Cards to go

Four thousand (not really) Christmas cards addressed and licked. They are off to be mailed to those we love and sort of love, and maybe not really love but like a whole lot. I never thought those cards would be done. There just has not been that much time for me to get stuff done. It is crazy to think that but truly it is for real. I have no idea when I will have time to squeeze in a few baby free tasks. Most everything I do involves holding a baby.* I think my left arm is starting to get buff. That's good. I'll be looking good for t-shirt weather. I've been working on other tasks but those have not ended successfully. As each day passes I'll be able to do a few minutes more worth of baby free things. Sure I could pass up a nap but I prefer to get my sleep when she decides to sleep. As of late it has been not as often as I need. Often I think I can take that nap time to do stuff only to find that her plans to party all night long are not compatible with my wanting to sleep all night long. So it goes days of the crazy newborn sleep patterns. Now that the cards are all done I can focus on cookies.

*Currently she is protesting the moby wrap. Not sure why but my guess is that she is not digging the binding of it. Strange. I'm trying different ways to wear her and hope to find one that works for both of us. I can tell she is quite the feisty gal.


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