Preparing and thinking of trees

It's finally December. I love December for it's cold winds and warm cozy homes. Most of all I love decorating and preparing for Christmas. I love, love, love to hang the garland and trim the tree. Our artificial tree is not used as the official Christmas tree, no, it's just a mere decoration. I use it to put up our fancy ornaments and to place our Advent books underneath. The official Christmas tree will not make its appearance until there is confirmation of snow falling in our area. Sometimes that can take a long time. And sometimes that snow never comes and we have to wait until 5 days before Christmas before it will grace our home. Our tradition of getting a live tree is very important to us, a special simple expectation. We tromp to a tree farm to search for our tree. Much disagreement will be had in those fields but eventually our tree will be found. I like the unpredictability of it all. Not knowing when that tree will come home and be ours.


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