24 hours with a 4 month old

12am: Adelynn wakes for her first feeding. She nurses while I watch awful tv with my eyes closed.
12:30am: I put her in bed only for her to wake and fuss. Walked around soothig her until she fell asleep
1am: baby in bed I head for my bed only to step on the cat's tail. Baby fusses a little and I begin to think she'll wake once more. I fall asleep.
3:30am Adelynn wakes for another feeding. I notice that I am still wearing my pjs and robe. No wonder I'm burning up. She nurses again while I watch awful tv with my eyes closed.
3:50am: I put her back to bed. She stirs a little and I think it will be a repeat of protest. I lay down waiting for her to really cry it out. I fall asleep.
5:50am: Adelynn wakes for another feeding. I am still in my robe meaning she fell asleep after stirring a bit 2 hours before. She nurses and I watch the am news. Husband wakes and begins to make noise. I worry she will not go back to sleep.
6:10am: Adelynn joins me in bed. We sleep together because she was fussy and not willing to sleep in crib.
8am: Olivia wakes me up to tell me that she has to have an outfit that clashes and she needs me to confirm what she is wearing. Indeed she clashes, which is not unlike anything she wears everyday, only this time it's really extreme. I get up dress the baby and go down for breakfast. Leah is packing her lunch.
8:30am: The girls are done getting ready for school and on their way out the door.
8:45am Addie and I go and nurse. She gulps hungrily. All that gulping caused her to have too much air and thus she barfs all over me.
9am: I drag her rocker to the bathroom so I can shower. I toss Spot in her lap and she begins to chew on his ears. Just before I finish she starts to fuss. A little song and new toy fixes that issue.
9:10am: Dressed and ready to get hair and makeup done. Baby stares at me on  the verge of tears. She's tired and wants me to rock her but I need to finish drying my hair. Thankfully she likes the sound of the hairdryer.
9:20am: Addie is asleep so I take that as my chance to clean the bathroom. I quickly scrub the sinks, wipe the mirror and sweep the floor.
9:50am: Addie wakes crying. We sit and rock. She falls asleep and I put her in her crib. I check email. I complete the practice request form and send it off. I send messages to the soccer team about meetings and practice times. I review my list of other must dos for the team and make a mental plan for them.
10am: she wakes again. This time she's hungry. The soccer team tasks will have to wait. I change Adelynn's diaper and we sit to nurse again.
10:30am: Baby fed, happy and asleep. She is placed in her rocker.
12noon: Baby wakes and is ready to eat again.
12:20pm: Finished eating filled belly equals filled diaper. Time for a change
12:26pm: Clean and fresh we take a walk around the living room. Time for another diaper.
12:32pm: Clean and fresh again.We sit on the floor and play with her toys until she is too tired. Then we walk around until she dozes off.
1:15-1:40pm: Quick nap not as much as I hoped giving me little time to work on soccer team tasks.
1:40-2pm: Diaper changed we head downstairs to walk around some more. Her mood improves only to get hungry.
2pm: Time to eat. Settle into the rocker for meal time. I check the TV for anything of interest. Not much on upstairs.
2:15pm: Happily filled with milk Adelynn is chattering away cooing and being incredibly cute.
2:25-2:45pm: Back to the living room floor to play with some toys. She rolls around chattering to her toys as I frantically unload dishwasher. I get ready to start a load of laundry when she begins to scream.
2:45-2:55pm: We walk around until Adelynn calms down. I tell her that her girls will be home soon. We check the windows.
2:55-3:25pm: Diaper time again. This time requires a new outfit as she had plenty to expel.
3:25-3:35pm: We walk around in front of the door looking for the girls to come home.
3:35pm: They arrive and Adelynn is happily wiggling in my arms.
3:35-4pm: The big girls buzz around the house filling it up with noise. News of the day and such is being told as are some silly jokes. The big girls grab a snack.
4:00-4:15pm: Adelynn is hungry so we go to the basement to settle into the comfy chair. Remote in hand I check the weather. We always hope for more snow.
4:15-5:30pm: Adelynn fell asleep nursing so I put her down and she finally takes a decent nap. I use the time to help with homework, check the bills, and get supper started.
5:30pm: An angry baby is screaming about how lonely she is all by herself in her big crib. She is rescued by Olivia who tells her stories on her way to the kitchen.
5:30-5:50pm: I ask Olivia to keep the baby busy while to finish up with supper. They play on the floor until Adelynn won't take it any more. The loud screams mean it's Mommy time again.
5:50pm: Diaper time
5:55-6:10pm: Time to eat again. She chows down hungrily while I check my iPhone for messages. I have 10 to respond to all about the soccer team. I'll answer them later.
6:10-6:30pm: Addie is in a better mood but still sensitive as it's that time of day. We finish supper and call the girls to the table.
6:30-6:35pm: Big girls set the table and put plates out. Drinks poured we all sit down.
6:35-7pm: Supper time. We eat as I bounce a baby on my knee. Addie gets fussy as we are finishing up.
7-7:15pm: The big girls clear the table and load the dishwasher. I put Addie in the bumbo and pack up the leftovers.
7:15-7:25pm: Kitchen is cleaned up and Leah takes out the trash.
7:25-7:35pm: The big girls pack up their school bags double checking all homework is complete.
7:35-7:55pm: Adelynn gets a bath. The big girls are watching TV.
7:55-8:20pm: Adelynn nurses while the big girls take their showers. Everyone is getting ready for bed.
8:20pm: Thought Addie would fall asleep but she hears Daddy walk in the door so it wide awake ready to see him.
8:20-8:45pm: Daddy eats supper with Addie on his lap and tells us about his day. Addie is full of giggles and coos.
8:45-9pm: I clean up Daddy's dishes while he readies the girls for bed. Well, the big girls. Adelynn is still quite awake.
9-9:30pm A little more TV time Daddy and all his girls talk and watch some Mexican soccer.
9:30-9:45pm: Addie is getting fussy which means she's ready to eat and go to sleep. The big girls are in their rooms waiting for the the tuck in by Dad. I get ready for bed before nursing her once more before she goes down for the night.
9:45pm: Diapered and ready to eat Addie makes her way back to Mama.
9:45-10:10pm: Nursing and relaxing. Keith is not permitted to talk to me as his voice distracts the baby. He works on the computer until we're done.
10:10pm: Addie is put down in her crib. I am slightly pleased she is asleep. Keith begins to tell me about his day as I share mine with him.
10:25pm: Adelynn starts to fuss. She's having a hard time getting settled in her crib. We listen to see if she'll fall back asleep.
10:35pm: She's not calming down. I go in and check on her. I pick her up and walk around her room. She's tired but is having difficulty falling asleep.
11pm: She's finally asleep in her crib. This time we hope for good.
11:15pm: No noises from the nursery means Adelynn is down for the next few hours. Lights out for Mama and Dad.
1am: Adelynn wakes for the first feeding of the new day.


wealhtheow said…
Oh Yvonne--how exhausting! I hope she starts sleeping through the night soon. I remember how mind-numbingly exhausting it was to go through this with Sam--the pacing around the house really takes it out of you. Are you able to use a carrier with her?
Yvonne said…
I have been using a carrier a little bit. I need to do it some more otherwise I won't be able to get a thing done.

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