The little things

There are several boxes scattered all over my living room. They are supposed to be filled with all the Christmas decorations I want to put away. Each is about half full and not in any order. Everything tossed in all randomly and so not like me. My ideas for keeping those boxes all organized are now no longer a goal. If I can just fill them up to put them away so I don't have to stare at them any more is a better more realistic goal. Those boxes sitting there remind me of the things I need to do but have not. I need to get them put away so that the couch and floor is opened up.

There are other boxes. Those are the boxes of things I have yet to send to friends and family. Late dreadfully late birthday gifts. They will arrive at some point. I prefer to send people things with a nice letter or card. I think it's nice to have some correspondence to go along with a gift. Except my desire to write a delightful letter has been reduced to just a simple card with little personalization. I'm sure those recipients will forgive me if their gifts arrive crammed inside the package with no wrappings or much excitement. Simple things these days.

I've got a plan though. One box at a time. I'll pack up a box and have it ready. Little by little this tiny bit of chaos will come under control. My goodness that will be nice to not look at any more boxes! That way I can go on pretending that my filthy floors are spotless.


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