Nifty Ideas: Cool kids

Another round of fantastic nifty ideas I have discovered. You too may become inspired by these nifty things and in turn create your own. If you have any of your own nifty ideas please share them with me I'd love to learn about what is nifty to you!

I'm not sure if you have heard but Orbeez are the new cool thing to have. All the coolest elementary school kids have them. I can't quite figure out the draw. Nor can I figure out what you are supposed to really do with them but then again I'm not cool. Our kids have an Orbeez Magic Maker. At first I thought it was one of those water games from way back in the day. It's not quite that sort of thing but it can work that way a little. If you want to feel nerdy you can tell your friends that your kids are fond of playing with super-absorbent polymers.


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