5 Months

Adelynn is 5 months old. It seemed so far away back in September but now that she's here at this age it seems that she's growing too quickly. In my head I've been keeping track of her stages and the things she can do but if I don't write them down I just plain forget their significance.

Social: She loves to smile back at a familiar face especially her girls (sisters) and Daddy. Still a chatter she will coo and carry on with cute baby noises when she's got something to say. I think she may be talking before long. Imagine that another little voice in the house.

Physical: Adelynn cannot sit upright yet. She can so long as I hold her arms or provide some sort of assistance. It won't be long because she can sit for a count of 10 before she loses her balance. Pretty good. No crawling or any such thing. She does not like tummy time. We do it because it's good for muscle development but she is not finding it enjoyable. She prefers to stand. She's a fantastic stander. Loves to stand. Does this mean she'll walk soon. Possibly. She is certainly a re-run of Leah with this respect. (And Leah was walking at 10 months, skipping the crawling altogether.) It will be interesting to see how this ends up. Either way we'll have a mover in a month or so and this house is in desperate need of baby proofing. Yikes! Legos are not baby friendly.

Hobbies: She is fond of looking around at stuff. She is quite curious and will carefully look at things. Observation is the baby way. She enjoys her saucer farm where she can stand and bang on the toys. She does not like it when those toys do not fit into her mouth. Or when she can't get the proper part of a teether into her mouth. Usually it ends in fits of rage as she desperately tries to pacify that ever emerging tooth. No, we have not had a tooth sighting but they are coming along. Based on how often she is chewing on things I'd say pretty soon she'll have a toothy grin. Oh how sad it will be to see those toothless grins she gives me.

Movement: This girl is a mover. She loves to be on the go. Right now that means being toted around with Mommy. She often is attached to me with our Ergo carrier because I just can't hold her that much all day long. I try to get out during the day for a walk. She does enjoy that stroller time. There is so much to see, watch, notice, it's a big world out there. I think that our daily walks are going to be a good habit to continue. I'm grateful the weather is warming up because it makes trail side diaper changes much more pleasant.

Oh there are likely hundreds of other things she does that I am neglecting to remember but that's okay. There will be new things to discover next month as this little baby becomes a person.


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