5th Grade Literature Project: Ladybug Character

The fifth grade has been quite an experience. Leah's teacher is wonderful and I love her teaching style and gentle personality. Miss Chas been such a fresh breeze of change that all the rest of the fifth grade parents are hearing about all the great things their kids are missing. I could go on and on about Miss C but I won't. An avid reader herself Miss C has made reading an important aspect of her lessons. To start the year out she had the students read various Roald Dahl books, Dahl being a favorite author, as a way to prepare for their first project. 

The project was rather simple yet fun. Each student had to research a character from any Roald Dahl book. They were given a list of questions to answer. Once they had the answers the fun part was creating the costume to become the character. With a week to prepare the students were to come to school as the character for the Roald Dahl party. At the party there were some snacks, even some that could be found referenced from some of the books, and much conversation. The important part of the party was the interview. All the class sat in a circle in costume ready to tell each other about who they were. I thought that this was a fantastic way to get kids to read books. They had to read the book to learn about who they were going to become. At the interview the children had to know the answers to those questions and had to be able to answer them in front of others.

Even though it was an informal fun presentation it was still a presentation. Leah chose to be Ladybug from James and the Giant Peach. Some questions we were unable to answer because there just wasn't that much detail about her. I thought it was such fun to see Leah preparing for her character. Her costume was very simple. I had her cut little circles out of black felt for spots that I sewed onto a red long sleeve shirt. She used her bumblebee antennae hat for Ladybug's antennae. She also had a little apron to tie around her waist. She put on black pants to complete the look. Simple and easy. Some of her classmates really went into detail and had some fantastic costumes. I loved hearing about how much fun everyone had learning about each other. If anything that party/project encouraged Leah to read some other Dahl books.


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