We visited our family in Colorado for a longish weekend. It was our very first away from home trip. The plane ride to Denver wasn't too bad. Adelynn was a bit fussy for the take off and then generally happy the rest of the flight. She cried on the plane just like she would have if we were at home. Once she fell asleep she was quiet and there was peace for all. After her nap she was in a good mood hardly fussing. But that wasn't enough for the guy in front of us. Adelynn is a vocal baby. When she's awake she often babbles and squeals as she plays. To me they are cute baby noises. He kept giving us the eyeball every time she made a noise. It's not our problem you stayed up all night long with your buddies and then driving to DC to catch a flight to Denver. Dude you chose to go without sleep and by sitting in front of us you chose to be within range of a baby's noises. I think Adelynn did quite good. She could have screamed much louder and much longer especially considering that's what she does at home in the late afternoon every day. The only problem I had was getting her to nurse without making a scene. She can be quite a stinker sometimes. She won't let me use the nursing cover refusing to allow any visual blockage. She has to see things and then there's her arm. She always swings her free arm around until she gets tired and then she'll grab on to my shirt and pull it. I know this is a F'Laker baby because she's always in motion.

At Grandma and Grandpa's house we spent a few days relaxing. Adelynn was such a delighted baby to see her grandparents. There were three including Great-Grandma. We learned that Adelynn loves the swing and bouncie seat. Two things we do not have at home. Go figure. She sat in the swing and was happy to watch us as she banged on the toys. Meeting Aunt Laura's dogs was not as fun as Adelynn hoped. She does not like it when dogs lick her toes and especially her face. Poor Adelynn. Big Ollie was just fascinated with her and boy did he love her toes. We had to keep Adelynn up high out of dog tongue range for a day. I've never seen a dog that interested in licking baby feet. Funny dog that Ollie.

Because Colorado is in full winter we could not pass up the opportunity for some mountain skiing. We took a trip to a resort town where Aunt Julie and Uncle D live. It snowed on and off the whole time we were there. We east coasters were pleased with the amazing amount of snow. The big girls were so excited that upon arrival they were ready to get out there and play. With snow up to the windows they knew it was going to be fun. I'll admit even I wanted to roll around in those drifts. For me watching those girls tromp around was fun. They were on drifts window level harvesting all the icicles from the roof and making little snow houses. They stayed out until it was too dark to see and only coming in because they had to eat.

The next two days' skiing was just as fun. Those big girls haven't alpine skied in a few years. Olivia was ready to go but Leah was feeling a little nervous. Leah had a hard go last time they visited. That was well before her exposure to cross country. Since we've been skiing cross country for almost 3 years Leah and Olivia are quite skilled on skis. Yet Leah disbelieved that she would do well only remembering that she had difficulty with the alpine skiing. Leah's nerves were settled once she went down the little kid run. She went down with such ease that she realized it's all good. The rest of the day she and Olivia tore it up. The second morning at breakfast Leah was showing me her helmet. She said "Good thing I had this (as she put the helmet on her head and was banging the outside with her fist) because I wrecked a few times yesterday and flipped over a couple of times. I would have really banged up my head." I had to laugh because my cautious 10 year old was so casually telling me about her wrecks and none of them bothered her. I'm so glad she is taking things more lightly and was able to enjoy that tiny reality of skiing: the wrecks. Or well, wipeouts might be a better word. They had perfect pow-pow conditions for the 2 days they skied. The best you could wish for kind of powder. That was ideal for a nervous Leah. I'm glad it was so ideal because for the girls to have a positive outlook about skiing is what we want them to remember. I would have liked to have seen those girls go down some of the runs they excitedly told me about. Good thing Aunt Julie took some good vid of their time on the mountain. Leaving the snow behind was hard for our winter loving girls. I even got Adelynn out in it even if it was just for a few minutes. She loved it. I hope next winter will be good because I think Adelynn will get a kick out all that snow.

Now that we're back to the land of NO snow we've been hoping for some of our own snow. I think it's unlikely but we can hope. There's always WV and Whitegrass.


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