Rainbow knit skirt progress

I began knitting this skirt for Leah years ago. I figured that by now it would have been done, worn and nearly too small for her. Ah how do the days go fast. Not to mention my level of knitting distraction. So much distraction. I'm not going to let that bother me as I cannot undo the past.

I think this skirt should be re-named "every 2 years" skirt since it seems that I work on it every two years. Ha!

All jokes aside the skirt is near complete requiring some tweaks until it is just right. I stopped at the purple portion the other day. The yarn is bulky adding length fast but that yarn was not very fun to knit. That acrylic yarn is not very smooth which slowed me down. I wanted to keep using the purple some more but I'm a texture knitter and that yarn was making me crazy. I wanted the yarn to be swift flowing on the needles and that it was not. So I asked Leah what color she thought should go next. I knew she'd say yellow but I hoped she would choose another option. That girl does love yellow. I decided that since this is her skirt that if she wants more yellow then that is what she gets. Besides the yellow polka dot yarn is so much better than the purple but as compared to the red cotton it's not that swift to knit. (Oh I love that red cotton! Fantastic yarn.) I still need to figure out how I'm going to finish the skirt. The pattern says to add a drawstring waist. I know that is the easy way to finish it but I doubt it will work for my skinny Leah. She's going to need some elastic. I have to figure out a way to sew an elastic waistband into the skirt. I might just do a simple fold over. Doing so would mean that I have to make sure that the last chunk of yarn is a sturdy cotton that will stand up to the sewing machine. Since I don't have much cotton in my stash I'm going to have to pay a visit to the local craft store. I won't go to my LYS to buy a cotton yarn for this project. I'm far too thrifty to do that. I'd rather spend my money on some baby alpaca yarn. Besides if I go to the craft store their yarn won't tempt me to buy yarn for non-existent projects.  

I will be so glad when this skirt is complete. I am so close to completion that I hope I don't set this one down for another two years.


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