Happy half Birthday!

Today Adelynn is six months old. It just so happens that it is also St. Patrick's Day. A very celebratory day indeed. The little miss is quite the girl. She is nearly sitting all by herself. What I mean by this is that she is able to sit for a bit but has yet to master the tipping over problem. I forgot how funny cute that little tumbling is to watch. Playing with toys has been much more fun. Better at grasping things she is starting to show some interest in stacking things. Everything goes into her mouth for a good chomp, including my fingers, shoulder, just about anything within reach. We're still trying to find the one thing that she likes for those gums. So far she has been happy to chew on her saucer toys and stuffed piggy.  She loves to have her belly kissed and listen to you when you read her a book. Adelynn is fond of the outdoors especially when it means swinging or stroller time. Her appetite is increasing which means we have been adding snacks to her routine. She does not like peas or sweet potatoes. Not yet. She loves to eat Greek yogurt for her mid-afternoon snack. Peaches, pears and bananas are still favorites. She has a fantastic laugh and a charming smile. Mildly shy she enjoys getting people to smile only to hide her face in my shoulder. Socks are fascinating and short lived on her feet. They are not as tasty as they look. Being busy is important so we have to find things to do all day long. Being carried around in her sling is her favorite thing to do. Up high she can see the world watching learning enjoying. There is so much to see having her be a part of it all is wonderful.


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