I found myself opening the front door to let in the warm sunshine. I did this not because it was a lovely day, which it was, I did it for the cat. I stood there in the warmth and just about opened my mouth to call the kitty to tell her that her favorite spot was ready for her when I realized that was unnecessary.  And just yesterday as I put Adelynn in her car seat to get ready to visit a friend I said out loud that we'd be back soon. Again realizing that was done out of habit for the kitty. I'm sure there will be more of those moments as I adjust to her absence. I still keep thinking that I'll see her come around the corner to greet me. All those little things she did will still be little expectations. Adjusting to the quiet will take time.


wealhtheow said…
Missing kitty is so hard. Gaea had a wonderful life with you, and so much love. You were a great kitty mama.

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