Prodigious late season ski shots

A late season snow storm was an unexpected blessing.A last minute decision left us scrambling to get our gear tossed into the van Friday night. It was a crazy night but well worth the chaos. Keith and Addie were ready to lead us on a fun day in the snow. The day was warm and sunny. We didn't expect the day to get as warm as it did and that made for a toasty time.The warmth was great for Addie but not so much for a long day on the trails.

Because the day was so warm we were unable to ski much past noon. The snow was melting so fast that numerous portions of the lower trails were melted away. We planned on eating at the cafe but it looked closed (it opened late which we did not know until later) so I took the girls to town to pick up some lunch. We tried the new cafe in town. Very excellent indeed! While we were away Keith took the time to race to the mountain top for some upper level skiing. The snow up there was fantastic. He enjoyed those 2 hours to himself getting in some great trail time. Getting back down was not as pleasant. Patches of mud were becoming frequent. Usually we spend all day at Whitegrass but that melting snow made it less desirable.

While Keith ate the girls played in what was left of the snow. They made a super cute snowman. You can see the mud next to the snowman. When we arrived at 8am there was no mud to be seen. That sunshine was working hard to get that snow melted. We opted to call it a day after Keith ate his lunch. It was still early so we decided to head over to the Blackwater Falls State Park to check out the waterfall. As you can see they were raging. Notice the little viewing platform in the left of the photo. That access point was closed and for good reason. It was loaded with snow and likely to be a soaking wet location. What a fun day enjoying the last dose of winter. Farewell snow we'll miss you!


Anonymous said…
Low snow days are still better than mud.

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