Springy Easter

I decided to decorate a little. At first I had no intention of doing anything. I was quite pleased to be lazy and boring. The drawback to being such is it is bland. I don't care much for bland. Pacing the house with a crabby baby looking at the bland mantel really began to depress me. The world outside was changing as the days have warmed. Why should I let my home remain bare like the dark days of winter? So what did I do? Got busy.

I pulled the boxes of decorations out from under piles of dust and other junk. I have been storing both spring and summer decor together. In retrospect that is not such a great idea. I know my reasoning was to save on space and use what boxes I have on hand. That and I was frantically packing away stuff before Adelynn was born. I am not so sure I want to keep all the warm weather decor together. I totally bypassed Valentine's day this year. I have several nice garlands to hang as well as some other cute things made by the girls. If I can find some time (and motivation) I will put the Valentine's day and Easter decor together. They are so close together that I use both around the same time. I know that putting the summer items together is well worth the effort of unwrapping things to discover they are not springy.

I needed a change in the way I decorate. I tend to do the same thing over and over. I moved my angels which I love dearly from their small shelf. I have had them out for years now. I think it's time to pack them up for a while and give them a break. Although I kept a few out for good reason. The kitty angel will likely never be put away. It's a nice reminder of our little kitty Gaea.

The garland was a semi-homemade item. Last year I bought the plastic eggs thinking they would be great for a vase filler. At the time I just didn't notice that those eggs had hangers on them. Once home I thought I could get past it but in the end they didn't look as good as I hoped. Instead of buying a cute garland I wanted to use what I have on hand. Making one wold require more time than I have at the moment but this worked out nicely. I have loads of ribbon in all sorts of colors. Tying each egg to the ribbon was easy. It took maybe 15 minutes of my time. Not bad for a random project. It looks better with a cute kid in front of it dontcha think?


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