Warmer days are coming along

Spring is near. The birds have been so busy around these parts. I like hearing them making noises in the mornings. Chirping birds are a cheerful reminder of warmer days. For us that means more time spent outside. It means morning walks, bike rides, afternoon swinging, picnics, hikes and soon pool time. I mustn't forget my favorite: the garden. The idea of getting outside for hours at a time is such a relief after all those days inside.

We have many ideas for our garden this year. Some are simple pertaining to the seeds we'll plant in our vegetable patch. Others. Well others are quite involved requiring quite a face change in some areas. All of them are exciting to me because I love watching things change as they grow. I have been watching the flowerbeds checking on growth trying to determine which areas will need some shifting. Some plants may need thinning. The concern I have is trying to figure where to place some of those thinned plants. Every year I get at this point the cusp of the growing season thinking that I'll draw out a fantastic garden plan. It never happens. I like the idea of drawing the plan but my indecisiveness prevents me from getting too far along. That's why I'm such a whimsical gardener. I take a look around see what's in need and go for it. It makes others batty. Truthfully it makes me batty at times. Sometimes I forget that a place is claimed only to realize later that I really didn't want that plant there. I've been better at preventing these moments of forgetfulness. I have little garden labels I stick into the location to remind me that it is taken. Little garden place holders. That is as organized as I get in the garden. 

If I were too organized I may not find gardening as fun. I plan most everything else in my life. Over-planning is a drain on me, one which I need to lessen. That I have this erratic gardening style is my way of having freedom of result. There is no punishment for a bad decision. If the plant is doing poorly I just move it to another place until it is happy. Sometimes that can be tricky as the nursing back to health location may be a tight fit. Loving the challenge of seeing what I can do with small changes is why I garden this way. That and a mild laziness. Wait and wonder is a gardening style isn't it?


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