Well ya know

I never thought a week could blow by without notice but that's what seems to have happened to me. Spring gave us a brief hello only to be replaced with cold. Soccer tournaments and club based drama have been filling my head and time. So much nonsense that it really would make your head spin. I just can't understand the spite people carry for others. Spite so deep so intense that directing a jab to the intended is far more important to that person than the result of damaging the training opportunities for hundreds of kids. It just sickens me. Not to mention the political fake smiles and outright lies just to save face with the uninformed or clueless. Olivia's first big tournament is this weekend. A big deal for her team. All the girls are excited to play. I'm excited for them. Too bad all the parents are going to be thinking about how our very excellent coaches will likely be ripped away from our girls come May. All I can do is sigh. I'll save the lamenting for another time.

Adelynn has been having a week. First her check up went well. Growing fine right on pace. She of course did not enjoy her immunizations. Neither did I, those sore little chubby legs really bothered her this week. Besides having sore legs Adelynn has been trying to fight a cold. The past 3 nights have been awful. Awful! It's getting better but she is not a happy sleeper with that stuffed up nose. I'm weary with sleep deprivation that feels like it did when she was a month old. Please pass the coffee.

Thanks to a good friend I was able to get my hair cut. A much needed treat as that hair was getting soooooooo long. Next time I won't go 7 months between cuts.I like the cut but miss the length. I could go for retractable hair. You know like that doll where you pumped her arm to shorten it and yanked on the tresses to lengthen. How great would that be? Since I'm not a doll I had to solve my problem of drying that long hair. Sure the length is nice but my thick hair takes FOREVER to dry. A tiny little baby will agree. Now that I'm lighter in the head (insert your joke here) I'm able to be ready to go much faster. I've been reading some books. Nothing heavy here. Easy reads. Right now I'm catching up on my Elm Creek Quilts series. I'm a sucker for crafty based novels. Besides I don't feel bad if I can't finish that sentence for days. I do want to read that Cleopatra book but it's not going to happen until I can read a page undisturbed. Ha! When will that happen? Soon. Soon. You'll notice I'm not holding my breath. Knitting has been coming along. Usually every night I choose between the books or knitting to wind down my day. About 30 minutes or so every night. Except this week no knitting. I've been far too tired to do more than read a few pages. Although I'm getting better at balancing a book out of Addie's reach while nursing. I get a 5 minute read. That's something.

Leah did well with her science project. She worked really hard putting the board together. Her friends won ribbons in their subject area which made her confidence grow. It's nice to see people you love dearly win. Leah chose not to be judged out of fear or lack of confidence or who knows what. We thought she would have done quite well. Now after getting her grade and tremendous teacher and peer praise she sees that her parents were not too far off in thinking she would do well. Ahh. Confidence it is a fickle thing. Maybe next year she won't be so worried.

And the mister what has he been up to? Working. Then there is his new nerdbook. I have to point out locating one of those was quite the feat. I attribute our luck to a cute baby. Now that he has one he has been busy learning all the new apps and how they will help him with his work. I hope it is useful because all that driving around looking for it will make that task seem worth the hauling of a baby around town. Not that it's all work with the device. It's fun for him to be able to see us and the ability to chat while he is on trips is making the girls excited.

Thinking forward to next week I know that planting seeds must be done. I just need to get my ideas settled to ensure that there is a proper amount of space for those plants.


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