7 Months

Adelynn has reached seven months with gusto. She is an active little baby girl. We are still working on crawling it is quite some time away. If there's one thing she does not like it's tummy time. Unfortunately she has to be more open to this so that she can build the strength to crawl. Standing is her favorite and she will try to struggle to standing when she is uncomfortable. That is something to continue to work on. Although we are quite happy with her not being self propelled.

We have seen a bit of a daily routine come together. She is consistent in her bedtime. Although it can vary day to day we know that around 8pm she is going to be ready for bed. She has been sleeping through the night with 1-4 feedings. Usually I can expect 2 feedings. I can hear you, your thoughts, I know what you are suggesting. Feed her more filling food during the day. Sure sounds like a great idea. We've tried that, often, more than often. It matters not. If she eats little or plenty she still wants to nurse at night. On the days where I think she has eaten quite well those end up being the 4 feeding nights. Alas she has taken her Father's side for appetite. Food taste is still consistent. She prefers bananas over peaches or apricots. I think those latter fruits are still a tad sour for her so we try to mix them with sweeter fruits. Applesauce plain is not a favorite. She likes apples and carrots mixed or apples and pears. She takes oatmeal with a fruit for breakfast. For lunch a fruit melody. Supper is a meat and grain mixed together with some fruit. We often have yogurt for dessert. We are constantly amazed with her appetite.

Sitting better she enjoys playtime on the floor. Together we sit and explore various toys. She prefers things that can go in her mouth to ease that teething. Anything that crinkles and crunches is appealing so she loves her caterpillar. She will pound and squeeze the toy making all sorts of noise. When she bores of the caterpillar she will play with her blocks and ring stacker.

Tags. She loves them. Adelynn will seek them out on anything, toys, pillows, anything. She has a ribbon blanket with all kinds of colors and textures of ribbon tags along the edges. I'm not sure what is so interesting about tags but it's her thing at the moment.

Sun the kitty is her new entertainment. When we sit outside she loves to watch him roam about. When he meows she gets so excited. We have yet to let her pet him as he is fickle but I can tell she is eager to touch his fur.

She is fond of her butterfly mobile. It hangs above her crib with several sizes of butterflies fluttering about. She will "talk" to them after she wakes up. Every morning and after nap time we watch them flutter around. She gets such a kick out of watching them move around. Since the air is still in her room we have to give a big puff to set them in motion. I love seeing that big grin as she is just truly fascinated with those butterflies moving around. I can't wait to watch her see the real thing in the garden this summer.

About her attitude. Happy. She is a happy baby. So glad to see us she gives a smile to her family at any moment. She is a little shy and if you find yourself giving her a bit of attention she just might bury her face in Mama's shoulder. She loves to see people which is why a daily walk is such a great time for her. She enjoys seeing the sights of the neighborhood and looks for people, or dogs because she likes them too. Ever chatty her noises are increasing. She will often just chatter away in her little baby sounds to her toys. I love hearing her voice as she is trying to "talk" to us. But what makes her happiest is music. Singing is a certain way to bring a smile. She loves to hear you sing so if you happen to be around why not sing her a little something.


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