Here goes

It's that time of year again. The May birthday gauntlet. Will we survive all the cake and celebration?

First we need to get it ready. I have of course the most pressure for Olivia. She loves birthdays and I know they are so important to her. Which is why I'm trying to think of something great for her. She wants to have a big party with friends and "fun stations" around the yard. And blast DC Mays for being so unpredictable. The weather could be awesome or terrible. We hope for awesome, or reasonable. So while I can hope for good weather I need to get a plan. A theme has been set: Soccer. She wants a soccer field cake with soccer guys on the cake with goals and a ball. But as far as what else one would do at a soccer party I'm not sure. Because her ideas are not typical it is difficult to pin down. She has mentioned having crafts, swinging, bounce house and a trampoline. Plus countless other suggestions.

I think I need some inspiration and coffee. I have just a mere few days to be inspired and make a decision. I'll give myself until Sunday to get it together and then we need to get invitations out and full out planning in process. All this and myself I need to find time to enjoy my birthday which is next week. Here goes.....


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