Thrifted finds

I decided to check out the local thrift store for some baby clothes. I was successful. I managed to get a few good things for Adelynn. I was looking for long sleeve shirts but did not find any. I really did not have the time to search through a 20 feet long rack of shirts. I tried for a bit but after all the sizes were mis-marked I decided to save my time and forgo looking for baby shirts. I'll come back for toddler sizes. They are easier to identify.

I found large (4 qt.) vintage Pink Gooseberry Cinderella Pyrex nesting mixing bowl. I love these Pyrex mixing bowls. I love the Cinderella handle spouts which make pouring batter a cinch. This bowl will go well with my 2 1/2 qt. Early American Cinderella bowl. I'm on my way to a mis-matched set. I always snatch these up because they are light and durable. I prefer to use them when I'm working in the kitchen.

2 bird houses, er 1 and a second bird house-ish box. Both will be sanded and painted for use in Leah and Olivia's rooms. Leah will get the box to help organize her stationary. Olivia will have the ski chalet house for a decorative item for her room. They will get to select paint colors for these houses. I'm looking forward to an easy outdoor craft project.

Pastry cloth. Never used. Perfect for me the pie lady. I'm glad I found this cloth. I'd rather use this than my old worn out pastry mat. This new cloth being circular will be much easier to move as I roll out my pie dough.

Children's books will always be on my mind. I can't help but look every time I visit a thrift store. I found some cute Peter Rabbit books. One board book, never used, perfect for Adelynn. The other was a collection of all the Peter Rabbit stories. I can't wait to read this to Adelynn. I do enjoy that Peter Rabbit. I also found some older books. Great stories that will become favorites.


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